As an English and Political Science Major I love storytelling, and two of the most underrated places we can find the best storytelling are at job interviews and first dates. Now sometimes they’re not the most thrilling stories, but you never know until you take that leap of faith and put yourself out there. I’m sure my mother will read this, laugh, and think “what, in the name of Narnia and all that is good in this world, does my 22-year-old daughter know about dating?” My response: not much, but I like to think that my 20s are for going out, exploring, meeting new people, and having fun, and what better place to do all that, than on a date? Some of the most spectacular friends I have came from goofy dates, and vice versa, some of my favorite date nights were with my closest friends. Whenever I see there is an interesting event in town, I look for someone who I think would want to take part, and we go out!

I’ve met some incredible men, made some fantastic friends, and been on some superb adventures while on dates in the last few years, but there has been an unexpected result; I have fallen in love with Edmonton. There are so many incredible things to do and see in this city! Sadly, there are still times when I am at a loss for ideas on where to go on a date. I’ve had many of my friends ask me where they should go out so I thought I would make a list. I posed the question to my friends and family on social media: What are your favorite date places in #YEG? The result is this list of 50 amazing dates.

In order to organize this list of date ideas I have broken down the dates into four rough categories; hands-on outdoors dates, intimate quieter dates, thought-provoking “nerd” nights, and spectator dates where you can watch a show. Many of my suggestions could fit into multiple categories but for the sake of organization I put them into one. Before each date is a symbol indicating the price and the season when that date is available. Prices are approximate and are assessed on a per-person basis. Lots of the dates on this list are good for every season, but there are several which are specific to one so to help clarify they have been assigned a season abbreviation. If you want to quickly find all of the dates on a map, our resident map/stat/science whiz Michael Ross created this interactive Google Map with all of the date “hot spots” listed. I hope this list gives you some good ideas for your next date night! If my team and I missed an amazing date spot/idea in Edmonton that you think needs to be on this list, just comment below!

Check out pages 2,3, 4, and 5 for detailed descriptions and prices for all of the activities listed on the map.

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